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Download this pattern for FREE and cut it for your favorite lighthouse pal.

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You can see a video on YouTube of me showing how to cut out the pattern.  Here's the link:

Albatross Sign Pattern

The albatross has been a symbol of the sea for centuries.  Display this stunning sign in your favorite place.  I cut mine from 1/2" birch with a 3/4" base.
Pattern Price: $3.50
Anchors Away Sign Pattern

Grace your desk or favorite place with this classy sign of nautical departure.  I cut mine from 1/2" birch and 3/4" maple base.

Pattern Price: $3.50
Beach House Sign Pattern

Even if you don't own a beach house this sign will brighten your day.  I cut mine from 1/2" birch and placed it on a 3/4" birch base.

Pattern Price: $3.50
Light House Sign Pattern

The lighthouse has always been an important symbol of the sea.  Cut one of these for your favorite lighthouse collector.  I cut mine from 3/4" maple on maple base.
Pattern Price $3.50
Poseidon Sign Pattern

The king of the sea can be the king of your display area with this neat looking sign.  I cut mine from 1/2" birch and placed it on a 3/4" pine base painted pastel blue.
Pattern Price: $3.50
Schooner Sign Pattern

Put a schooner on your desk with this neatly cut sign.  I cut mine from 1/2" birch.  I laminated a piece of walnut atop of a 3/4" piece of birch for a nice effect.
Pattern Price: $3.50
Ship Ahoy Sign Pattern

"Ship Ahoy" like "Anchors Away" is a popular nautical phrase you will love displaying on your desk or favorite shelf.  I cut mine from a composite of wood scrap I had and attached it to a 1/2" walnut base to accent the woods.
Pattern Price: $3.50
Mermaid Sign Pattern

The mermaid is the feminine symbol of the sea.  I cut my sign from 1/2"birch and posted it on a 3/4" cherry base.

Pattern Price: $3.50

Seaside Cottage Sign Pattern

This delicate cut makes a nice sign for your cottage or a shelf in your home.  Words bordered by nicely cut seashells.  I cut mine from 1/2" birch, laminated a 1/4" piece of walnut to the top of a 3/4" piece of oak.   Makes a nice elegant display.
Pattern Price: $3.50
Ship In A Bottle Sign Pattern

How did you get that ship in the bottle, everyone will ask when you cut this novelty piece.  I cut mine from 1/2" birch, laminated a 1/4" piece of walnut to the top of a 3/4" piece of pine.  Nice conversation piece.

Pattern Price: $3.50

Beach Sign Pattern

One word says it all here, with a chair and an umbrella.  I cut the lettering from walnut 1/2" and the base from 3/4" oak.

Pattern Price: $3.50

Beachcomber Sign Pattern

Beachcombers are everywhere in the summer and this sign has a nice seahorse looking on.  I cut mine from birch and placed it on a 3/4" walnut base.
Pattern Price: $3.50

Seagull Sign Pattern

This is an oversized pattern -- print on legal sized paper or modify size when printing.  I cut mine from pine and then painted the seagull white and the base gray.

Pattern Price: $3.50
The Jolly Roger Sign Pattern

Arrrrrg, Ya Matey...Pick up this pattern and relive the old pirate days.  I cut mine from 3/4" aspen and shaped an odd base from aspen with a nice grain in it.

Pattern Price: $3.50
Old Sea Dog Sign Pattern

This slogan is an old reminder of the sea and the men who mastered it.  I cut mine from 1/2" birch and glued together an assortment of wood pieces I had lying around to make the base.

Pattern Price: $3.50
Sun Sand Sea Sign Pattern

Three words that reflect a beautiful day at the ocean, with some starfish thrown in.  I cut the words from 1/2" MDF and painted with a pastel blue.  The base if 1/2" pine painted white.

Pattern Price: $3.50
Born To Sail...Forced To Work Sign Pattern

Every adventurer's dream is captured in this capricious sign.  Makes a great gift for your sailor or dreamer.  I cut mine from a beautifully grained piece of 1/2" birch and placed it on a 3/4" piece of nice walnut.

Pattern Price: $3.50
Life Is A Beach Sign Pattern

This lovely phrase has been around for a long time and now can be captured in wood.  I cut mine from a nice piece of 1/2" birch and placed it on a 3/4" walnut base.

Pattern Price: $3.50
Dancing With the Starfish Stand Up Puzzle Pattern

Not a reality show but a fun puzzle to play with.  Nice in different colors.  I cut mine from poplar and painted three colors.

Download The JPG pattern Now
Price: Free

Nautical Sign and Puzzle Patterns for the Scroll Saw

This eBook in PDF is a large file jam packed with 22 of the projects from this page.  Save by purchasing this eBook if you would like to get all of the projects rather than purchasing individually

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Fish At School Stand Up Puzzle Pattern

This six piece puzzle is surprisingly difficult but fun to play with.  I shellacked mine cut from 3/4" pine to keep the similarities.  You could paint each fish a different color which would make the puzzle a bit easier.

Pattern Price: $3.50

Dolphins In Flight Stand Up Puzzle Pattern

Leave the dolphins all the same color or natural wood to make this puzzle difficult.  You could also paint the seven pieces different colors to make it easier to assemble.  I cut mine from 1/2" Lyptus and left unfinished.

Pattern Price: $3.50
Seagulls In the Clouds Stand Up Puzzle Pattern

Picture these beautiful birds flying over a huge seascape.  I cut my puzzle from 3/4" pine and painted it with grey and white paints.

Pattern Price: $3.50

Lighthouse Stand Up Puzzle Pattern

I cut the lighthouse with clouds and seagulls embedded in clouds from 3/4" pine and left unfinished.

Pattern Price: $3.50

Ship Stand Up Ornament Pattern

This ship is an impressive sight when cut from a quality wood.  I cut mine from 3/4" cherry and mounted it on a 1/2" walnut base.  It is about 10" long and about 7" tall.

Pattern Price: $3.50
Seahorse Wall Plaque (ornament) Pattern

This cute seahorse makes a nice decoration for a summer cottage by the shore or just a nice nautical ornament.  I cut mine from 1/2" cherry

Pattern Price: $3.50
Nautical Napkin Nooses (aka Napkin Rings) Patterns

These cute napkin rings will make a nice addition to the summer beach party.  I cut mine from pine and red oak and they look great.  This is a set of eight different patterns.

Pattern Set Price:  $5.00


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